A Roman built a sumptuous villa on the banks of the estuary…

Located on the banks of the estuary, Plassac is an exceptional site that has been appreciated for its beauty since Antiquity.

A certain «Blattius» emigrated from Italy to seek his fortune (in which he obviously succeeded rather well) and in the years 20-40 CE he built a large villa, a veritable palace, the plan of which was based on the mari-time palaces constructed in Italy at the time. Its architecture was designed to harmonize with the landscape, with a broad view overlooking the estuary.

At the beginning of the 2nd century this villa was demolished and replaced by another edifice, the plan of which was also imported from Italy.

This monument was open to the estuary but also included an enclosed inner courtyard, around which the living and reception areas were organised.

The villa was refurbished in the 4th century. A system of under-floor heating was installed, along with thermal baths.

The guided tour of the villas presents the whole site, its evolution through time and the mosaics that have been recently restored and set in place.

The objects discovered in the course of excavations and presented in the on-site museum enable us to form an idea of the sumptuous decor that embellished these ancient residences (wall paintings, mosaics, inlaid marble from Africa and the Orient, porphyry from Greece and Egypt) and the daily life of the Gallo-Roman aristocracy. And to round off the tour, a 3D virtual tour plunges us into the 2nd century villa with its colonnades, gardens, reception rooms and panoramic view of the estuary.


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