Since 2008 the work of Vauban has been registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. Here is where three forts were necessary to watch over and protect Bordeaux: Vauban built this set of fortifications to block the passage on the estuary of the Gironde. This unique group consists of the Blaye Citadel on the right bank, Fort Pâté on an island and Fort Médoc on the left bank. Thanks to this commented cruise in the middle of the islands, you will learn everything about the”Verrou Vauban” (Vauban bolt). You start by a guided tour of Blaye citadel and with the guide, you take a boat to cross the Gironde esturay. You have explanations about the fort Paté (in the middle of the river). When you arrive in Fort Médoc, you have a guided tour of the fort and you sail to come back to Blaye.