The guided tour of the citadel by the underground passages allows you to discover the history of Blaye citadel which is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list, and to understand the defence system created by the famous architect Sébastien Vauban. This visit explains the evolution of the site, the life of the soldiers at the time of Louis XIV and how an attack took place in the XVII century. The visit takes place outdoors and through the underground passages.
Then you could visit the former civil and military prison built in the citadel of Blaye. Showing many vestiges of its past, it is now the Museum of Archaeology and of History of Blaye. 7000 years of history of the citadel are illustrated by the archaeological objects found in the citadel of Vauban and in the former Abbey of St. Romain. The model of the medieval castle, the various development plans of the fortress, collections related to everyday’s life and to the bakery.