In 1832, the Duchess of Berry feared for her life and that of her son. In Blaye, the captive mother of the heir to the throne of France has called to you for help. Her messenger was killed. You, members of the Order of Amadys, set off for Blaye to hunt down his murderer.
The political balance of the entire Kingdom of France is in danger.
In teams of six or seven players, you will conduct an investigation within the Blaye Citadel. But watch out! The assassin and his accomplices are amongst you…
Over the course of 2½ hours, players will attempt to unmask the killer by solving puzzles given to them by the games master.
Historical knowledge not required, only a keen sense of observation, investigation and deduction are needed for our super-sleuths to solve the mystery.
Minimum of 12 players. 6 or 7 people per team. Reservations required.
Advance reservations recommended!