The touristic train will take you to Château Frédignac for a visit of the property and for a wine tasting experience of its BlayeCôtes de Bordeaux appellation. For four generations, the vineyards of Château Frédignac have been cultivated in the heart of this particular climate influenced by the body of water called the Estuary of the Gironde. In 1919, Jean-Marie L’Amouller, from Britanny, fell in love with the Blaye region and with a young lady from Blaye. This event started the story of the Château. And in 2012, one hundred years after the very first vine stock was planted, the vineyard activities are resumed by Vincent and Ludivine. Both are environmental science graduates. They transformed little by little their enterprise but they remain attached to the values that have made the success of the Château Frédignac and its appellation as BlayeCôtes de Bordeaux: the respect of the work with the earth in order to elaborate an authentic product. Today, motivated by the will to improve the quality of their wine, they are converting a part of the land into an organic vineyard. This fragile balance will raise the aromatic potential of their wine concentrating the most aromatic tannin in the grape berries.