Discover the largest estuary in Europe, the Gironde. At the heart of the prestigious wines that border it, the Estuary of the Gironde is today the best preserved of the great estuaries of Europe in terms of natural landscapes and environment.

If the estuary was told

Experience the thousand colors of a natural site, still intact along its banks and its islands. Guided tours of thematic excursions on boat, allow you to know more about the fauna, flora, and the rich historical past of this magnificent estuary.

Throughout the year, guided cruises and themed walks, take you to the meeting of the estuary life. Small typical ports, wild islands, rich fauna and flora… Captains and guides tell you passionately about their everyday life and make you discover their world.

The Archaeological Museum and the Conservatory of the Estuary

In the archaeological museum, you will discover the history of the people who have known the estuary over thousands of years.

On the first floor, we learn more about the history of navigation and river trade thanks to the models. The fauna and flora are staged through the years, revealing the richness of the river.

The Estuary and its islands

The estuary of Gironde, is the widest estuary in Europe, it is about 45 miles long, and 8 miles wide at its most. The estuary is a place where the freshwater and the seawater are meeting to go to the Atlantic ocean. The estuary is composed of nine uninhabited or wild islands, and  by a lot of small harbors. The estuary is populated by a lot of birds and fishes (eel, shad, sea lamprey, and white shrimps…).