A winery passed down from father to son in the Sou family for more than four generations, Château Lacouture is a bourgeois manor built in part by Canon Lacouture during the 17th century. Around 1860, new outbuildings were erected, adding amongst other structures a pediment standing 10 metres tall – unique in the region – and a dovecote. After being converted into a vineyard in the 18th century, and mentioned in the mid-19th century in the famous Bordeaux and its Wines published by Editions Féret, the property passed through the hands of multiple winemaking families before being acquired by Gervais Sou in 1930. Château Lacouture’s grapevines are cultivated sustainably. The château and its 12 hectares of vines overlook the Gironde Estuary and produce supple, harmonious wines.